Our story

Team up is a beginning staying together is an improvement working together is a triumph

Born in 2015, Pra’ della Luna is the last achievement of a project started in the end of the ‘90s by a group of friends reunited together by the president Ferruccio Lunardelli.

After dedicating himself to giving prestige to his territory with his knowledge in agricultural field, Ferruccio Lunardelli decided to include in his vision, his wife Raffaella, and some of his friends, who had the same passion for their land and wine.

Our company owes to Ferruccio and Raffaella, true catalysts of energies and ambitions of their partners, its own name: combining their surnames, Pradella and Lunardelli, we get Pra’ della Luna, chosen not as a homage to our founder’s family but to symbolize the intimacy and the agreement in our company.

A company made of people, who live our company as part of themselves and have their knowledge as winemakers and agricultural technic at service.